Herbs for Lucid Dreams

Discover the ancient tools for enhance the dreams


What is a dream-enhancing plant?

The oneirogenic plants (óneiros = “dream” and gen = “to create) are a group of herbs and plants able to enhance the dream state and increase the chance to have lucid dreams:

– Dreams will appear more vivid and clear than usual, rich in color, details, and allegories

– Will be easier to recall them once awake

– Is easier to have a lucid dream.

During a lucid dream, the person is aware of the fact that is dreaming without waking up! Experiencing a lucid dream is like living a second life during the sleep state. In this situation is natural to get in contact with our subconscious and explore our dreams in a completely new way!

In ancient times
, the indigenous population of Mexico and South Africa already knew about the dream plants and their great characteristic: they widely used them in rituals and traditional ceremonies as tools to communicate with the spirits, the ancestors or try to contact people far away.


(“Dream-creators plants”)

1 – Calea zacatechichi, the “Dream herb”

Native of Mexico, Calea zacatechichi were used by Chontal Indians during their rituals  and ceremonies with the aim of inducing divination dreams, allowing those who use to have visions during the sleep.
Is also known as “Bitter-grass“, due to its flavors: that’s why often the people prefer to smoke or vaporize this herb, rather than make the herbal tea. The part consumed are the dried leaves.

Calea zacatechichi – Mexican Dream Herb
2- Silene capensis, the ” African Dream-root”

Native of South Africa, Silene capensis (or Silene undulata) has a special place in the culture of the Xhosa tribe, in fact one of the ingredient for preparare the traditional ubulawu, ritual psychoactive beverage made with the local plants.
The part consumed are the roots, and is famous for improve the chances to have lucid dreams

Silene capensis – The African Dream-root
3- Entada rheedii, the ” African Dream-herb”

Entada reedhii, the “African dream-herb” or “Snuff box sea bean” is a woody climber plant that widely grown in tropical and subtropical countries bordering the Indian Ocean, as South Africa and tropical Asian countries. Is also well-known in Egypt, where is part of the traditional medicine.
The part consumed as dream-enhancer is the with pulp of the seed, fresh or dried and chopped. Can be mixed with other herbs.

Dream herb

Calea zacatechichi

African dream-root

Silene capensis

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African dream- herb

Entada rheedii

fla(Work in progress)

Lucid dreaming

The consciousness that you are in a dream!

During the LUCID DREAM you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming, and despite that, you don’t wake up and you don’t leave the dreaming state. During this experience you can make questions to yourself and receive answers inside your dream-story. Maybe is already happened to you, so you had already experienced the lucid dream state!