Dream Herb – Calea zacatechichi

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Calea zacatechichi the Dream Herb ready for research.

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The traditional dream generating herb from Mexico,
for vivid and lucid dreams

Calea zacatechichi,
the “Dream Herb” or “Leaf of God”

Name: Dream Herb, Bitter Grass, Leaf of God
Binomial name: Calea zacatechichi
Origin: Mexico

Calea zacatechichi Schltdl. better known as Dream HerbBitter Grass, or Leaf of God, is native to Mexico and other regions of Meso-America, with a long tradition of use as a medicinal and divinatory plant.

Calea zacatechichi is very popular as oneirogenic herb, (“dreams creation”), capable of temporarily intensifying the duration and the memories of dreams.

The Dream Herb is also famous for inducing a lucid dream state:

A remarkable state of consciousness in which one is aware of the fact that one is dreaming while continuing to dream” .

Stephen LaBerge

Dreams are powerful tools for exploring our subconscious as they are defined as “the psychic activity of the sleeping man” (Freud, 1900), and that’s probably the reason why this plant has a long history in the human tradition in Mexico.

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This product contains the dried plant of Calea as used in a traditional tribal context. This product is aimed at research only.

Dream Herb (“Dream Herb”) Is an herb that has is known to help people to have vivid dreams that are easier to remember and can even induce lucid dreaming. Buy now this herb perfect for dream explorers.

We send from Amersfoort to all The Netherlands and the World.

Herbal gift for friends, mothers, psychonauts, people who like to explore their own minds and are looking for self-improvement and wellbeing.


Droomkruid (“Dream Herb, Calea zacatechichi”) Is een kruid waarvan bekend is dat het mensen helpt levendige dromen te hebben die gemakkelijker te onthouden zijn en zelfs lucide dromen kan opwekken. Koop nu dit kruid, perfect voor droomontdekkingsreizigers.

Wij versturen vanuit Amersfoort door heel Nederland.

Kruidencadeau voor vrienden, moeders, psychonauten, mensen die graag hun eigen geest verkennen en op zoek zijn naar zelfverbetering en welzijn.

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